About Us


     The head of the company has been in the homeland security and security industry for 40 years. Established All Safe Inspection Co., Ltd. in Taiwan in 2015 after launching related fields in China, due to the demand from the markets, the boss gathering the people with the same interests, technical and professional skills for providing the best solution and efficient service to the end user. 

      The company has trained a number of colleagues to obtain the license of electronic/motor/radiation safety certificates so that the after-sales maintenance capabilities to act elaborate, closer to the end users’ needs.
The business scope of All Safe Inspection Co., Ltd. as the security is strongly demanded we also began to introduce advanced law enforcement equipment into Greater China and other international markets.

       Facing with the growing demand for international anti-terrorism and the demand for various special mission equipment, All Safe Inspection Co., Ltd. has continuously introduced the variety of products such as audio-visual identification system.
Our major clients include military intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, the National Security Agency, the Department of Defense, the Coast Guard, Aviation Police, the scientific community, public telecommunication companies, and industrial markets.

      Over the years, we have also established a full-scale sales and cooperation tunnels in other international markets, specializing in voice technology and other counter-terrorism equipment, integrated of sales agents and mutual support in the worldwide. Now, All Safe Inspection Co., Ltd. has become a professional supplier and established the factory with official business license from government. We have a strong integration and technical team in homeland security and special rescue equipment, we gain trust from the end user from supporting the best solution to their daily task.

     In the future, we will be committed to the following goals:
1. Provide fast and innovative services to meet the immediate needs of technical and maintenance support
2. Expand the product range to provide our customers with a wider range of solutions.

Current operating direction

     A. Sales of product items

  1.   X-ray (safe, industrial) nondestructive testing equipment.
  2.   Voice Technique.
  3.  Surveillance and security department.
  4.   Security monitoring system integration.
  5.   Border security equipment.
  6.   Fire rescue equipment.
  7.   Special rescue logistics integration equipment.
  8.   Homeland security equipment.
  9.  Professional imaging and special voice system processing equipment.
  10. Intelligence investigation and judicial correction equipment.

      B. Customer Service

  1. Provide system integration sales and professional maintenance platform.
  2. Integrate manufacturing capabilities in localized equipment.